Am Focus
An interview with Sammy Baca

Question by James Dunn, Paul Smith, Jeremy Moore and some other grommets
Conducted and Edited by Hektor D. Esparza
Sponsors: Pig wood, Pig wheels, Dekline, City Boardshop

SM: How’s the skating career going?
SB: It’s good. I‘ve been going to some cool places, pro hoes, I’m lovin’ it.

SM: What’s the worst part of being a sponsored am?
SB: My friends asking me for everything.

SM: You were in a big contest recently, what happened ?
SB: Oh, Tampa Am, yeah that faggot Tim O’Connor made fun of me and I just walked off. He was an announcer, he’s gay. He told me I‘d have to diet to get out of my tight pants.

SM: Did you give him the bird?
SB: Yeah, and kinda spit and just left.

SM: What’s your Dirty Biz tattoo about?
SB: Oh dirty business is just a way of life; partying, booze, women, everything.

SM: What do you like to skate?
SB: I love skating tranny, but I skate street because you have to, you’re expected to.

SM: Who sneaks you into bars?
SB: Breydon and Jeremy.

SM: How do you get tattoos if you’re under age?
SB: My mom.

SM: How do feel about John Ponce
SB: I love that dude, the best skater ever, But no one… watch, wait he’s gonna take over the world. He’s so under rated.

SM: What’s up with your nick name?
SB: Oh Ziggy. I went to Heath’s (Kirchart) house and Josh Beagle came over and he called me Ziggy and it just stuck I guess.

SM: Who would win in a fight between Breydon and Ragdoll?
SB: Rags.

SM: Who would win in a fight between you and Ragdoll?
SB: I’d take him.

SM: Who does the frontside blunt in your City part?
SB: Paul Smith.

SM: What do you think of him?
SB: I love that dude.

SM: Do you think he is a burn out?
SB: No. He’s not. He’ll get on a skateboard and just shred. He taught me how to skate tranny

SM: How has Desert Breeze skatepark treated to you?
SB: I love it. I started skating there about four years ago. Me and my friends just grew up there.

SM: A lot of people don’t like it because the transitions are so small.
SB: Well fuck everyone who hates Desert Breeze. I like tight tranny. It’s fun because you go faster. I can skate all kinds of stuff because of that park.

SM: What music have you been listening to lately?
SB: Rock ’n’ roll, AC/DC Johnny Thunders, Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin, all kinds of shit.

SM: Who would you like to thank?
SB: My Mom, my sponsors and all my friends.

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